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A mirror is available at
[Thanks to Dr. Sanchez del Rio at the ESRF.]

a. Installer packages for the GrWin graphics library

To download a package file click an item in the first column of the table of the installer packages for GrWin below corresponding to your using compiler system referring the last column of the same table. The supported compiler systems can be seen at the Platforms section, and see the installation details in Install.

Installer packages for GrWin
File name Size Supported compiler system
lGrWn0999be-MinGW.exe 1,178,393 MinGW-2.0
lGrWn0999be-cygwin.exe 1,119,554 Cygnus Cygwin 1.3.x
lGrWn0999be-watcom.exe 1,167,270 Open Watcom C/C++ and Fortran 1.0
lGrWn0999be-f2bcc.exe 1,311,918 Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 + f2c
lGrWn0999be-f2dmc.exe 1,311,365 Digital Mars C/C++ Compilers + f2c
lGrWn0999be-Intel.exe 1,401,831 Intel(R) C++/Fortran Compiler 7.1 ( f2c available )
lGrWn0999be-f2vcpp.exe 1,443,542 Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0 + f2c
lGrWn0999be-vf.exe 1,007,742 Compaq Visual Fortran Version 6
lGrWn0999be-mingw32m.exe 1,113,848 gcc-2.95.2-mingw32
lGrWn0999be-mingw32.exe 1,113,832 gcc-2.95.2-mingw32
lGrWn0999be-cygb20.exe 1,117,913 gcc-2.95.2-cygb20
lGrWn0999be-uwin.exe 1,114,441 AT&T UWIN 3.x + gcc-2.95.2-uwin
lGrWn0999be.exe 4,331,738 All-in-one installer

b. GrWin toolkit ( for VF users and developpers )

GrWin toolkit is a set of source code fragments by which library files for the GrWin graphics library can be built under various compiler systems, and this includes also patches for PGPLOT and f2c as well as source code for PGPLOT Windows-drivers that enable you to use PGPLOT and f2c with GrWin.

As PGPLOT drivers for Compaq Visual Fortran Version 6 are not included in the GrWin distributions, you should make yourself if necessary those drivers and library files for PGPLOT using this toolkit. You can make GrWin library files even for systems that has not yet been supported. This toolkit would be useful if you want to add new features or to modify specifications of the GrWin library for your own purposes. If you succeeded in porting GrWin to a system not listed in the table of supported compiler systems or in adding a new feature that seems useful for many users of GrWin, please let me know. Any donation of source code would be very appreciated.

File name Size Contents
GrWinTk-0999b.tgz 338,948 the GrWin toolkit

c. Other files

Other files available for downloade are shown in the next table. Except the executables for PGPLOT demos, the uncompressed files and the files obtained by expanding each of the compressed files in the following table are the same as those installed in suitable folders executing an installer package in the above list. So there is almost no need to download files in the following table unless you need individual files for some reasons.

All the files necessary to make PGPLOT applications under a supported compiler system are compressed by tar + gzip in pggw0999b-XXX.tgz with XXX the abbreviation for the system name. This includes also the executables, which are not installed by any installer, for the PGPLOT demos of the original distribution of PGPLOT, and with them you can estimate the ability of the PGPLOT drivers built with the GrWin library.

Other files
File name Size Contents
README.html 66,535 README file in HTML
README.txt 43,296 README file as plain text
lGrWn0999b.html 207,410 User's Manual in HTML
lGrWn0999b.txt 166,152 User's Manual as plain text
lGrWn0999be.tgz 2,640,070 All the files compressed by tar + gzip
demoexe <DIR> Sample executables of GrWin built under MinGW
f2c-bcc.tgz 196,506 f2c for Borland C++ Compiler 5.5
f2c-dmc.tgz 196,266 f2c for Digital Mars C/C++ Compilers
f2c-Intel.tgz 212,589 f2c for Intel(R) C++ Compiler 7.1
f2c-vcpp.tgz 196,291 f2c for Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0
pggw-150.tgz 98,624 Source code for PGPLOT Windows-drivers including patches to build PGPLOT library files on Windows.
pggw0999b-MinGW.tgz 2,442,512 PGPLOT files for MinGW-2.0
pggw0999b-cygwin.tgz 2,477,712 PGPLOT files for Cygnus Cygwin 1.3.x
pggw0999b-watcom.tgz 3,435,828 PGPLOT files for Open Watcom C/C++ and Fortran 1.0
pggw0999b-f2bcc.tgz 3,232,145 PGPLOT files for Borland C++ Compiler 5.5
pggw0999b-f2dmc.tgz 3,332,815 PGPLOT files for Digital Mars C/C++ Compilers
pggw0999b-Intel.tgz 5,060,094 PGPLOT files for Intel(R) C++/Fortran Compiler 7.1 ( f2c available )
pggw0999b-f2vcpp.tgz 2,879,816 PGPLOT files for Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0 + f2c
pggw0999b-mingw32m.tgz 2,295,482 PGPLOT files for gcc-2.95.2-mingw32
pggw0999b-mingw32.tgz 2,295,256 PGPLOT files for gcc-2.95.2-mingw32
pggw0999b-cygb20.tgz 2,407,018 PGPLOT files for gcc-2.95.2-cygb20
pggw0999b-uwin.tgz 2,305,511 PGPLOT files for AT&T UWIN 3.x + gcc-2.95.2-uwin
libs <DIR> library files for the supported compiler systems
PREVIOUS/ <DIR> the previous version

Old files are available here. Please do not redistribute those older files.

Tsuguhiro TAMARIBUCHI <>

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