Reconstruction od the WaveFrontΒΆ

  • Running the Test

    The Wavefront generator need a GPU machine the generation of a simulated wavefront is done with the wfc script. You can test it going in the TEST directory.

    • The launch in OAR is done simply

      cd yourdirectoryforwf/TEST
      WFR  your_input.txt
    • The launch on a private PC is not more difficult, just specify the card number you want to use

       cd yourdirectoryforwf/TEST
       WFR  your_input.txt   my_pc_name,GPU_N0
      where GPU_N0 may be 0 or 1 or something else, it depends on your PC.


    before runnign the example given in TEST you must create the simulated file to fit. To do this you must :

    • first run the input_fzp.txt example with the wavefront simulator

    • Then you must prepare a numpyarray.npy data file

      doing this you can do some sort of pretreatement. The way I do it is using a PyMca widget, using ipython. You better be on a recent installation. At ESRF try logging on the rnice6 cluster. There the tools are quite up-to-date. Dont set any environment variable, it’ already OK.

      Now we pretreat the simulated data like this

      >ipython --q4thread

      now you are in the ipython environment

      from PyMca import MaskImageWidget
      import h5py

      you have now a beautiful widget from PyMca

      • select with the mouse a mask over the ROI

      When you have selected the ROI

      mask = w.getSelectionMask()

      Your data are now in datasim.npy, ready for the wavefront reconstruction


      WFR inputwfr_sim.txt
  • Inspecting the Output

    The simulation code creates several files

    Documentation : TODO

The docstrings in .py are not ready yet. I just include some autodoc. At least one can navigate the code
  • The parameters are dealt by :

    the following documentation has been generated automatically from the docstrings found in the source code.

    class ParametersR_module.Parameters[source]

    TODO : document parameters

    static Parameters.get_derived_pars()[source]

    TODO : document derived parameters

  • The calculation is done by module :

    the following documentation has been generated automatically from the docstrings found in the source code.

    TODO : document this module


    TODO : document this function

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