XOP 2.0 (obsolete version)


This directory contains the XOP package and some XOP extensions.


  1. What is XOP?
  2. Directory contents
  3. Supported hardware
  4. XOP extensions
  5. Licensing information
  6. Reference
  7. Additional info

What is XOP?

XOP (X-ray Oriented Programs) is a graphical user interface to run computer programs that calculate basic information needed by synchrotron radiation beamline scientists and engineers. It can also be used as a front end for specific codes or packages for data analysis and  data reduction. XOP contains a customized database for optical and atomic constants (DABAX). It has a flexible design and new applications may be added.

More information on XOP can be obtained at:


Directory contents:

Supported hardware:

XOP is available all supported in the following platforms:
Platform Vendor Hardware Operating System (Version)
Unix Compaq Alpha Digital  Alpha Digital   (4.0)
Unix Hewlett-Packard HP PA-RISC HP-UX (10.20)
Unix Silicon Graphics SGI Mips  Irix (6.2)
Unix SUN SPARC-Ultra 1/2 Solaris 2 (2.6)
Unix IBM etc. Intel x86 Linux (2.0)
Windows Microsoft Intel x86 Windows 95/98/NT (4.0)/2000

XOP extensions:

The available XOP extensions included are:

Licensing information:

The XOP software is built using an embedded license of IDL from RSI (Research Systems Inc.) ( http://www.rsinc.com) under the conditions of the "XOP embedded software license agreement" signed by RSI, ESRF and APS. This implies that the user is allowed to run the XOP software but not to separate, modify or transform in any way parts of the IDL software included in XOP. Additional information can be obtained by srio@esrf.fr

See the file $XOP_HOME/README_COPYRIGHT.TXT in the main XOP directory after installation.


M. Sanchez del Rio and R.J. Dejus
"XOP: Recent Developments"
SPIE Vol. 2448 pp. 340-345 (1998)

Additional info:

For any additional information on XOP see: