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GW driver for PGPLOT (Rel. 1.5.0)

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A class of PGPLOT drivers, /GW and /CGW (and /GWD and /CGWD), is implemented on Windows 2000/NT/Me/9x (x86) platforms using GrWin Graphics Library Ver. 0.99.9b. The /CGW (/CGWD) driver has a color table compatible with the original distribution of the PGPLOT, whereas the background and the foreground color of the /GW (/GWD) driver are white and black, respectively. The GrWin Library is a library of graphics routines for Fortran and C developed specifically on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x (x86) platforms using many compiler systems. Source code to make these drivers is available pggw-150.tgz">here. The same source code is also available in the GrWin ToolKit, a set of source code and tools to build library files for GrWin, PGPLOT and f2c. Executable files created from the original demo programs in the distribution of PGPLOT version 5.2.0 by compiling with the supported compiler systems are available as archive files listed in the following table:

File name Size Compiler system
pggw0999b-MinGW.tgz 2,442,512 PGPLOT files for MinGW-2.0
pggw0999b-cygwin.tgz 2,477,712 PGPLOT files for Cygnus Cygwin 1.3.x
pggw0999b-watcom.tgz 3,435,828 PGPLOT files for Open Watcom C/C++ and Fortran 1.0
pggw0999b-f2bcc.tgz 3,232,145 PGPLOT files for Borland C++ Compiler 5.5
pggw0999b-f2dmc.tgz 3,332,815 PGPLOT files for Digital Mars C/C++ Compilers
pggw0999b-Intel.tgz 5,060,094 PGPLOT files for Intel(R) C++/Fortran Compiler 7.1 ( f2c available )
pggw0999b-f2vcpp.tgz 2,879,816 PGPLOT files for Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0 + f2c
pggw0999b-mingw32m.tgz 2,295,482 PGPLOT files for gcc-2.95.2-mingw32
pggw0999b-mingw32.tgz 2,295,256 PGPLOT files for gcc-2.95.2-mingw32
pggw0999b-cygb20.tgz 2,407,018 PGPLOT files for gcc-2.95.2-cygb20
pggw0999b-uwin.tgz 2,305,511 PGPLOT files for AT&T UWIN 3.x + gcc-2.95.2-uwin

If you use Compaq Visual Fortran (VF), no corresponding package is available now, but you can build all library files for it using the GrWin ToolKit or referring Karl Glazebrook's Web page [ Thanks Karl! ].

To run executables, expand one of the archive files in a directory, and then execute each of pgdemo*.exe and cpgdemo.exe obtained. If you downloaded a file for cygwin, cygb20 or uwin, you should do running as well as making executables in a console window under the corresponding environment. To display graphics using the GrWin Library, the graphics engine grwnd.exe for GrWin is necessary to be launched. See further information here to use grwnd.exe.

In each of the archives in the above table all files necessary to build executables under a corresponding environment are also included as well. A brief instruction for an installation under Cygwin 1.3.x is as follows:

  1. download a copy of the distribution file pggw0999b-cygwin.tgz into a directory, say /tmp

  2. unpack it in a directory, say /pgplot:

    $ mkdir /pgplot
    $ cd /pgplot
    $ tar xvfz /pgplot/pggw0999b-cygwin.tgz

  3. copy the library files into /usr/lib:

    $ cp *.a /usr/lib

  4. copy the include files into /usr/include:

    $ cp *.h /usr/include

  5. set environment variables PATH and PGPLOT_DIR. If you use bash as a shell input the following commands, which are necessary for every startups of bash and they can be in a startup file.

    $ PATH=/pgplot:$PATH
    $ export PATH
    $ PGPLOT_DIR=/pgplot
    $ export PGPLOT_DIR

To make executables from source, batch files in the distribution are useful. Typical command lines are as follows:

$ pggwf77.bat pgdemo1 ( to compile pgdemo1.f )
$ pggwgcc.bat cpgdemo ( to compile cpgdemo.c )
$ pggwcpp.bat foo ( to compile foo.cpp )

Tsuguhiro TAMARIBUCHI <tamari@spdg1.sci.shizuoka.ac.jp>

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