Code Invocation

  • Some of the XRStools capabilities can be accessed by invocation of the XRS_swissknife script, providing as input a file in the yaml format.

  • To use the wizard the suggested instruction is

    XRS_wizard  --wroot ~/software/XRStoolsSuperResolution/XRStools/WIZARD/methods/

    the wroot argument tells where extra workflow can be found. In the above instruction we give workflows in the home source directory. This is practical because the wizard allows to edit them online and the modification will remain in the sources. or to access extra workflows that are not coming with the main disribution.

  • Depending on the details of your installation, you have the XRS_swissknife script sitting somewhere in a directory. Check the Installation page to see how to set PYTHONPATH and PATH in case of a local installation.

    The following documentation has been generated automatically from the comments found in the code.

GENERALITIES about XRS_swissknife

Super Resolution

to fit optical responses of all the analysers (you selected a ROI for) and the pixel response based on a foil scan

embedded doc :

to extrapolate to a larger extent the ROIS and the foils scan, thus to cover a larger sample

embedded doc :

to calculate the scalar product between a foil scan and a sample, for futher use in the inversion problem

embedded doc :

Other features